24hr Breakdown Assistance

If you're ever stranded with a broken down truck in central western NSW, HMR Australia can be there to help with one of our fully equipped breakdown vehicles, available twenty four hours a day. We can help you get your vehicle up and running again, either as far as the nearest workshop for more in-depth repairs or all the way to your destination.

Don't hesitate to call us on (02) 6360 3380 for emergency breakdown assistance, at any time of the day.

Logbook Servicing

A major assurance when buying a new vehicle is often the warranty that comes with it, protecting you from mechanical faults early in the vehicle's life. Maintaining that protection often means having your vehicle routinely checked out by qualified mechanics for faults in what's referred to as logbook services. While many dealers will try to insist on performing these logbook services themselves, at your added expense and inconvenience, you are able to choose your local reputable workshop.

HMR Australia can conduct logbook services on all light and heavy trucks, allowing you to maintain your warranty while saving you the hassle of returning to your vehicle's dealership. Contact us to book your vehicle in for its next logbook service today.

Safety Inspections

To register your vehicle in the state of New South Wales, you will require it to be deemed roadworthy. This requires a vehicle safety check performed by an authorised inspection station.

HMR is able to conduct these inspections on all light and heavy trucks and trailers, letting you get your vehicle and your business back on the road. Contact us today if you require a safety check.

Fleet Servicing

At HMR Australia we understand the importance of keeping your business' vehicles on the road. Each day a truck isn't making a delivery for you, is a day it's not recouping its cost and not making you money. That's why we're happy to offer our customers fleet servicing for their business' vehicles, including keeping complete records of their vehicles' service histories.

To find out more about how we can help keep your fleet on the road, contact us today.

Brake & Clutch

Your truck's brakes are your vehicle's most important safety feature, and also the parts of your vehicle most prone to wear and tear. With the amount of weight behind you at the wheel, you simply can't take a chance on poorly performing brakes; if you notice a lack of stopping power at your brake pedal, you should have your vehicle booked in for a brake check as soon as possible.

We're able to provide your vehicle with a complete service of your brakes, from replacing components to machining new brake drums and other key parts. We can also service your vehicle's clutch and transmission, to help ensure you never miss a gear on the road. Contact us to find out more.

ABS/EBS Diagnostics

HMR Australia's team of experienced truck technicians are equipped with the latest in diagnostic equipment, able to check all systems in your vehicle for critical faults. If you're experiencing trouble in your vehicle that you can't seem to locate, we're able to find it and fix it. We can also expertly adjust settings in these systems to optimise your truck's performance.

To find out more about our diagnostic services or to book your vehicle in, contact us today.

4WD Repairs

In addition to our light and heavy truck services, HMR Australia can also conduct repairs on all light commercial vehicles, including four-wheel drives. We can a wide range of services for your ute, van or offroad vehicle, keeping it on the road as assuredly as we would a truck.

If your 4WD vehicle is in need of a service, contact us today to make a booking for your vehicle.

Trailer Servicing

Your trailer is what actually carries your vehicle's payload, so problems that develop here must be addressed quickly before they jeopardise your deliveries.

We're able to examine your trailers for faults, from brake relining, suspension repairs and replacement parts, rewiring of your trailer's lights and indicators, axle replacements, servicing of your vehicle's air systems and more. Contact us for an inspection of your trailer today.

Engine Rebuilds

Without your truck's engine, the vehicle is without its beating heart. Problems here can quickly develop into debilitating faults that take your vehicle off the road for an extended time, costing your business money. If you suspect engine trouble in your vehicle, whether by misfires, loss of power or worsening fuel economy, have it checked out quickly.

HMR Australia's team of experienced mechanics can service and repair your truck's engine, from simple replacement parts or a reconditioning to a complete engine rebuild. If you find your vehicle might be missing some of its old drive, contact us today for an engine inspection.

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